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Wellness Solutions is committed to restoring and enhancing your overall health and wellness. Our specialized approach combines traditional physical therapy methods with complementary therapies to alleviate everyday discomforts as well as complex, chronic pain.

We use a one-on-one therapy model to properly evaluate your condition and design a treatment program that addresses your unique needs and goals. Since everyone is different, integrating multiple therapies can produce better results and promote greater health in the entire body.

Integrative Physical Therapy in a Private Setting



Our mission is to help both adults and youth achieve a well-balanced life through pain-free living and increased overall strength. We treat all of you - body, mind and spirit - while providing the personal attention you need to achieve your fitness goals.

During the first appointment, your therapist will perform an assessment to identify physical limitations, weakness, limited range of motion and other bio-mechanical issues that may be preventing optimal functioning.

After years of doctor visits to diagnose and treat my lower back problems, Wellness Solutions helped me gain the core strength I needed to keep my spine better aligned and become pain free.

Kathy Hajduk

Wellness Solutions provided the care and attention I needed to recover both physically and emotionally from knee replacement surgery. Tina was very hands on and always listened to how I was feeling. It made a world of difference in my recovery!

Sarah Howard
Lake Forest

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