Oral health is such an important part of taking care of ourselves. There are really four main causes of tooth decay. Let’s review these:  eating too much processed sugar (raw honey and stevia in moderation are okay), having too much phytic acid rich foods in our diet (examples include grains, seeds, nuts & beans) because phytic acid works as a mineral blocker and an enzyme inhibitor that can cause serious health problems, a lack of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and not getting enough fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K on a daily basis.

To elaborate a bit more on phytic acid, keep in mind that not only does it block mineral absorption, it literally steals the minerals from our bones which leads to osteoporosis and, ultimately effects our teeth.

Here are some proactive ways to improve your diet & oral health

Try consuming raw dairy because it’s loaded with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and fat soluble Vitamins. Grass fed butters and cheese as well as kefir goats milk, are great nutritional options. If you are not a vegetarian, include eggs, meat, bone broth and fish in your meals. Start off each morning with a piece of fruit. Include avocado, coconut, fish, olives or fermented cod liver oil in your diet as they are wonderful sources for healthy fats. Only consume sprouted seeds, nuts and beans. Absolutely avoid processed, packaged or fast food. Also, try to enjoy the sun when possible or supplement your diet with a daily D3 Vitamin

Another way to improve your oral health is to try oil pulling with solid coconut oil in the morning. Be sure to start slowly and try 5 minutes at a time swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil and a drop of Young Living Thieves blend essential oil in your mouth. When you are finished, only put the coconut oil in the garbage! If you place in your sink, it will cause plumbing problems down the line! Oil pulling is a perfect solution to detox your mouth. It is known to heal gingivitis and relieve headaches.  Just follow oil pulling with a regular brushing.

DIY Tooth Powder to Reverse Cavities Naturally

5 Tbs calcium powder
4 Tbs cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil
3 Tbs xylitol
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp bentonite clay
1/2 tsp calcium/magnesium powder
20 drops of Young Living Thieves blend essential oil

Using a small mason jar, combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Make sure to keep the lid tight when you are not using the powder. Use the tooth powder as needed.

Combining a good diet with oil pulling and this simple DIY Tooth Powder should help improve  your oral health. Let me know if you have any natural ways to improve your oral health and keep your teeth healthy. Please comment below!

Cheers to Good Health!