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What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermography (or thermal imaging) creates digital infrared images that pinpoint heat patterns in the body. These heat patterns reveal inflammation that can be a precursor to diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes as well as many other conditions. Early detection may help you prevent serious health conditions from developing by reducing inflammation through dietary changes, nutritional supplements, detoxification, stress reduction and more.

Thermal imaging is growing in popularity among physicians. Learn more about it here.

What are the Benefits?

Early detection

Thermography can spot anomalies years before mammography. Since thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, studies suggest that this test can detect activity up to ten years before other diagnostic tools. See examples of thermal images here.

By the time a tumor has grown to a sufficient size to be detectable by physical examination or mammography, it has likely been growing for about seven years. With thermography as your regular screening tool, you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to transform your cells before they became cancerous.

Clearer results, fewer additional tests

Thermograms are effective for detecting changes in the cells in the arm pit area, an area that mammography isn’t always good at screening, and do not identify fibrocystic tissue or breast implants as areas needing further investigation.

Thermal imaging is a valuable breast screening tool for younger women (ages 30-50) whose denser breast tissue makes mammography less effective. For women who are unable to undergo routine mammograms, this test can provide a 'clinical marker' that a specific area of the breast needs close examination.

Painless and Non-invasive

Thermography is very safe - even for pregnant and nursing women. Since it is merely an image of the heat of your body, there is absolutely no radiation. And unlike a mammogram, a thermogram doesn’t hurt since there is no compression.

Cost Effective

Thermograms are significantly cheaper than mammograms and some insurance companies cover the cost of the test.

What Happens in a Thermogram?

  • Step 1 - You sit in a temperature controlled room to allow your body to cool from any external conditions while you complete a health survey.
  • Step 2 - The technician positions you in front of a thermal imaging camera and takes digital images of your body.
  • Step 3 - The digital images are analyzed by a certified physician to determine the amount of heat and symmetry of the heat patterns.
  • Step 4 - A report is sent to you and your physician (if requested), so you can discuss the findings and determine any next steps. Findings are usually ready within 3 business days.

Schedule a Thermogram

Wellness Solutions offers regularly-scheduled thermograms on a quarterly basis during the months of WHAT?. Sessions are 30-minutes and cost HOW MUCH? for a full-body scan and HOW MUCH? for a breast scan or partial body scan.

Thermograms are performed by a clinical thermographer from The Longevity Center.

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