When most people think of castor oil, we instantly think this is something our great grandparents would have stocked in their homes. Well, most of us should think again! Castor oil is truly a hidden gem of oils with a variety of benefits for health and beauty remedies. Castor oil is a very thick oil with a dull texture. So, many of us don’t give it credit for the natural ways it can be used in our everyday lives.

Castor oil is native to the Mediterranean basin, Eastern Africa and India. It is a natural, inexpensive replacement for those incredibly expensive beauty creams out there that often contain fragrance and other toxic ingredients we should avoid.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Everyday use of castor oil soothes skin irritations, softens the skin, detoxifies and moisturizes and can be extremely helpful to banish wrinkles. Castor oil is also a convenient solution to lighten scars and treat acne. The oil naturally provides fatty acids and vitamins for the skin which also improves eczema and psoriasis.

Castor oil works well to remove dark circles under eyes. It is also the perfect natural mascara. Simply add castor oil to a tablespoon of melted beeswax, two tablespoons of charcoal or cocoa powder (depending if you want black or brown mascara).  Mix these three ingredients until you get the consistency you desire. This will also help with strengthening your lashes.

Hair Growth
Castor oil helps moisturize hair and works wonders for dry or itchy scalp. The oil helps fuel new hair growth because it increases blood circulation. Please be advised it takes up to six weeks to notice the increase in growth and daily application is necessary.

Pain and Inflammation
Most people recall castor oil is widely thought of as a natural laxative. One teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning may be taken with juices such as cranberry or orange to mask the unpleasant taste. Also, regular consumption of castor oil improves inflammation, joint and body aches. The oil found in castor seeds contains up to 60 percent ricinolein which naturally relieves pain.

Miscellaneous Benefits
Castor oil has also been noted to benefit people with Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, migraines and multiple sclerosis.

Do you have any ways to use castor oil? It is amazing what nature provides us! Comment below if you have benefited from using this oil in your life.

Cheers to Good Health!