Our Team

Jason Shadday

Jason Shadday, Feldenkrais Method® and Structural Integration Work

Jason began his career in bodywork quite by accident. In graduate school at the University of Chicago he in injured his knee doing martial arts. It was bad enough to require surgery, and having pursued this route he found the road to recovery using the standard medical model almost totally useless. Jason met Everett Ogawa, whose alternative bodywork/healing skills were amazing, and with his help he turned Jason’s greatest limitation into his greatest learning situation. Jason trained under Everett and discovered Integral Bodywork®. Jason’s practice grew and he added Feldenkrais Method® training to his expertise.

Jason’s believes our bodies are our temple or tabernacle, and that given our environment and our chosen mode of civilization, they require constant care and attention. Ignoring the pain and discomfort is not an option. He has dedicated his life to being a resource for anyone who would want to explore their embodiment—not that it is always easy but that in the end embodiment really is worthwhile.