I am always researching the best possible ways to use my Young Living Essential Oils for all aspects of my health. I also see a holistic dentist and am continuously educating myself and my daughters on the beneficial ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy in a natural way. Throughout history, various cultures have turned to essential oils for oral care. It is common knowledge that Clove Oil is known to relieve pain and inflammation, while Tea Tree Oil may help as an antibacterial as well as ease bad breath.

There are many, many remedies out there when it comes to oral health, I hope you enjoy the Healthy Mouthwash suggested here. As with any recipe, please alter to your specific taste.

Cheers to your Health!

Healthy Mouthwash

10 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
5 drops Young Living Spearmint Essential Oil
5 drops Young Living Clove Essential Oil
5 drops Young Living Tea Tree Essential Oil
5 drops Young Living Lemon Essential Oil
8 ounces of water
2 – 3 drops of carrier oil such as Almond or Jojoba (optional)

Blend all essential oils together and add in 8 ounces of water. For an easier way to blend the oils, consider adding in Almond or Jojoba oil. After brushing, use this as a mouth wash. Simply swish in your mouth and spit out. (Do not swallow!) If you prefer, you may also dip your toothbrush in the solution and brush. Keep stored in an airtight container. This solution will feel fresh in your mouth. If the solution is too strong, simply dilute with more water.

​According to the California Dental Association, the group estimates three out of four adults has some form of peridontal disease; including receding gums. Some possible symptoms of gum disease include tooth pain, larger tooth than before as well as sensitive teeth. Peridontal disease means a bacterial infection is happening with your gums. Subpar oral hygiene, over brushing or too hard brushing may cause issues, hormone imbalance, smoking and clenching or grinding your teeth may also lead to periodontal health issues.

In addition to using the Healthy Mouthwash, some suggestions include gentle brushing, using a soft tooth brush, drinking lots of water daily to flush bacteria and toxins out of your body, eating a clean, healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, reducing sugar intake and avoiding alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. All positive steps to keep harmful bacteria and toxins away from your mouth and out of your body.