When it comes to using natural products on my body, I am very selective and want to be sure what I use is safe. When it comes to deodorant, it not only has to be safe, but let’s face it…it has to work too! Over the years I have tried and purchased more deodorants than I want to admit to on the blog. Too many times I find that the products I try may work for body odor, but they are terrible on perspiration or vice versa. It is RARE to find a product that works so beautifully for both body odor and wetness.

So, why all the fuss? Because what we put on our bodies matters! I don’t fully understand why we live in a world in the US where living toxin-free can be so darn difficult and complicated. I have chosen to live a life that is as chemical free as possible. It starts in my home and with all the products I choose to purchase for myself and my teenage girls. It just takes a little self education to make sure what you use is safe. The best app I love to use is Think Dirty. It is a simple app that allows you to scan your beauty products to see where they rank on a safety scale. This useful app is awesome and takes the guesswork out of reading some labels that may be confusing.

So, why delve deep into which deodorant you or your loved ones use each day? It is widely known many groups claim deodorant should be classified as a carcinogen. I recognize this is a slippery claim, but it’s generally accepted as a fact of life with the crowd of people who refuse to use deodorant.

Over the last decade, there have been extremely valid concerns regarding the side effects of aluminium, the active ingredient that essentially plugs your sweat ducts and stops sweat from flowing found in most conventional products. Sounds like a great way to stop the wetness and stink…but, it is far from natural! However, many sources suggest that because deodorants are applied frequently and on skin near your breast tissue, the aluminum may possibly be absorbed and cause estrogen-like hormonal effects and contribute to the development of breast cancer.

All of this information is a direct reason why we have seen an amazing spike in the natural deodorant market.  There are so many natural products to choose from that finding the one that works for you is extremely personal! In the last few weeks I just tried a product I have fallen in love with…it’s safe, effective (Paraben and Aluminum Free) for body odor and perspiration and also smells just divine. I am now a huge fan of Native Deodorant. Please note:  I am not a paid spokesperson, just a happy customer! I purchased the Coconut & Vanilla and it reminds of the beach. They also have other scents and a seasonal one too.

What is your favorite natural deodorant? I have tried so many, I would love to hear your opinions too.

Cheers to Good Health!