The word detox is used all over the place in all forms of media and throughout the wellness culture. I will simplify and breakdown the confusing information found everywhere. To start, there are two things to acknowledge about the body’s ability to handle toxin exposure. First, your body was designed naturally to remove toxins. Second, if your body is unable to handle the toxin load, these are more likely to settle into your system and not just circulate through. In a healthy body where there is no autoimmune or detoxification issues, most health experts agree that normal toxic exposures are eliminated. So, what do we consider normal? This is the question that has taunted us because as our environment is becoming more and more toxic, the human body is only able to handle so much. What do I mean by this? Just think about the pollutants in the air, your water, your food and even “toxic thoughts” that may take over your mind. These may literally overwhelm even the most healthy and positive person.

Keep in mind, your body is very capable of handling everyday toxins. The problem is when we take unnecessary pharmaceuticals, eat genetically modified or pesticide-ridden foods and use conventional products on our bodies. By doing these things, you are basically inviting unwanted toxins to wreak havoc on your body. The everyday, regular sources of toxins you encounter such as household cleaners and beauty products — can easily be avoided. I recommend a detox using essential oils which may help reduce your risk of toxins to yourself and your family. Here are some examples of toxins we are exposed to in the modern world:  air pollution, cleaners, cookware, computers/electronics, food additives, farm-raised fish, genetically modified food, industrial complexes, light bulbs, machinery, medicine/medical procedures, off-gassing from carpets, furniture and fabrics, older homes, non-organic food, paint (old lead), pesticide & herbicide residue, smog, water (both city & well), water piping and vaccines.  It is a long list….

How do you detect toxin accumulation?  Unfortunately, there is no toxic overload test in existence today. The way to best avoid toxins is to better control your own environment and exposure of toxins by limiting your risk factors. If you are not certain of your risk factors, consider examining general signs and symptoms alongside known toxins. Some symptoms that may possibly indicate toxic exposure include:  constipation and digestive issues, erratic mood issues and mental disturbances, headaches, fatigue and unexplained pain and soreness. Keep in mind, these may also indicate a number of other health concerns. If you suspect heavy metal exposure, please contact your physician for advice. Some diseases that have been linked to toxicity include:  allergies, cancer, immune disorders, mental health, hormonal imbalance and true heavy metal poisoning.

It’s really important to keep in mind that detoxing in and of itself is a LIFESTYLE. This is not something you just do once and you are finished detoxing for life. Remember, everything you drink, eat and put on your skin or breath will help naturally detoxify your body or it will contribute to the toxic burden.

            • Some Recommended Young Living Essential Oils
              to Assist in Detoxifying your Body

              1. Lemon Myrtle
              2. Lemongrass
              3. Lemon
              4. Rosemary
              5. Clove
              6. Valerian
              7. Myrrh

Some ways to use these Young Living Essential Oils include a regular detox bath, oil pulling, taking an immune boosting shot, daily diffusion for emotional well-being, enhancing your drinking water with 1 drop of lemon oil 2-3x per week.  Remember, use your essential oils in a recommended way and follow the guidelines for the safest way to use them.  I have also included a link to a video for Sulfurzyme, a product from Young Living which assists with acute inflammation associated with overall joint health. Here at the studio, we also highly recommend the use of our Sauna Dome to assist with Stage Two detox.

For more information, please post questions here or schedule a visit with me to learn more about Young Living and the services we provide at Wellness Solutions.

Cheers to Good Health!