When you find yourself in need of emotional support, I am a firm believer in using Young Living Essential Oils to help you find a natural balance in your life. My personal experience using essential oils and for myself, family and friends has been an amazingly rewarding one, especially when it comes to creating emotional well-being and support.

No matter your life situation, it is important to acknowledge that everyone may suffer from emotional unbalance time to time, but many of us are not educated on what it really is, or how it effects or bodies.

Our sympathetic nervous system works alongside the parasympathetic nervous system as a teammate manage all of our internal processes. Emotional unbalance has the power to to overwhelm these two systems and causes them to cease functioning properly.

These two systems maintain a regular heart beat and your blood pressure, even during stressful situations. We can see problems start when we allow emotional unbalance to create a flight or fight internal message. For those of us who find ourselves emotionally charged at all times, we may experience adrenal gland fatigue and create hormonal imbalances in our system. The symptoms may continually cause illness.

I have found Young Living Essential Oils are a convenient, safe way for us to find a natural way to calm down, relax and find peace.

Here are some DIY ways to let your frustrations melt away:

~Practice Yoga or Meditation 20-60 minutes per day.
~Diffuse Lavender for relaxation. Diffusing essential oils is a fantastic way to maintain a consistent level of therapeutic aromatherapy.
~Reduce the stress in your body by consuming foods that support good gut health.

Emotional Support DIY Blend

This is one of my favorite blend for helping to emotional support. It is easy to mix and use daily.

1 drop Frankincense Oil
1 drop Lavender Oil
1 drop Bergamot Oil

Try this easy formula in any of the following ways:  add to a diffuser, breathe them in or inhale them, put in a water mister/spray bottle, apply to the back of neck, bottom of feet or to your pulse points. Use the method that is appealing to you. It is important to use the oils regularly. Get in the habit of taking time for yourself and practice good health at least once each day.

If you find this information helpful or need have any blends you love please comment below.

Cheers to Good Health!