When I read articles and books regarding Vitamin D levels, it makes me think of a fantastic DIY Essential Oils Sunscreen I use in addition to my daily coconut oil use on my face and body to give me a boost of 30% protection against sun rays. Vitamin D is essential to our bodies for many reasons.

Health experts currently acknowledge Vitamin D deficiency is rampant and is a potentially dangerous deficiency. Whether you choose to take a Vitamin D supplement or absorb it the natural way through sun exposure, keep in mind Vitamin D ends up in the same format once it arrives at your liver.  If you simply cannot get the sun exposure needed, then a supplement is also an option. The amount of Vitamin D each person should take varies by person, and a blood test is the only way to tell if you are getting the right dose orally (the body regulates this quite well if you are getting it from the sun). You want to get your vitamin D levels tested and aim for getting them between 50 and 70.

If you live in an area where are able to get vitamin D from the sun, that’s great! Ideally you should stay out of the sun during the middle of the day. Exposure to the sun may mean only 15-30 minute for light-skinned people, but darker skinned people may need need additional exposure. If you are starting to burn, you have stayed out too long!

So, how do I stay safe while I am outside and getting my Vitamin D?  I avoid all sunscreens laden with chemicals and make my own! Here is the recipe I use myself and with my daughters.

Enjoy and stay safe outside!


4 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops Young Living Myrrh Essential Oil
7 drops Young Living Carrot Seed Essential Oil
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
You will also need a medium mixing bowl, hand mixer and a 4 oz glass container with lid.


In a mixing bowl, add the Coconut Oil, and all Young Living Essential oils. Use a hand mixer to whip well. Scoop mix into the glass container for safe storage.

As far as I am concerned, Vitamin D deficiency is not something to ignore. Some studies now suggest that almost 75% of cancers may be prevented with enough consumption of Vitamin D. Being deficient in Vitamin D may also cause inflammation in your body as well. Having enough Vitamin D assists your body in calcium absorption. Focus on giving your body the recommended Calcium and Vitamin D may aid your body’s bone growth and strength.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe!