Ask anyone that suffers from migraine headaches about how to make the pain and discomfort away and you may hear a multitude of answers. Migraines are often debilitating, account for sick days and sometimes take days to go away. Typically, more women than men are afflicted by migraines. The average age effected by migraine headaches is 35-55. For those who have experienced a migraine, many symptoms often appear such as visual disturbances and sensitivity to bright lights before the full blown pain sets in. Common side effects are nausea, throbbing head pain, blurry vision and more. I have included a natural recipe for the Wellness Solutions Blog to offer a fast way which may ease migraine pain. Try my Young Living Essential Oils Recipe and help ease your suffering when you feel a migraine happening.

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Here’s to your good health!

Migraine Relief Essential Oil Recipe

1 medium sized bowl partially filled with cold (refrigerated temp) water
2 cups ice cubes
2 drops Young Living Marjoram Essential Oil
2 drops Young Living Ginger Essential Oil
1 drop Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
1 small washcloth

Put ice cubes and essential oils into the bowl of refrigerated water.
Stir briefly to combine oils.
Place washcloth on top of water to soak up oils and water.
Carefully place wet washcloth on forehead and avoid getting the mixture into eyes.
As the cloth warms up, place it back into icy mix and reapply.
The cloth may also be applied on the neck.
Normally the migraine sufferer will feel relief within 10-15 minutes.