I am dedicated to making my home a toxin-free space. Along with the wool dryer balls I use in my dryer, I also highly recommend using DIY Laundry Powder to ensure all your clothing and home essentials come out of the washing machine 100% clean in a natural and effective manner. The recipe in today’s blog is simple to follow and you may switch which essential oils you prefer to use based on your personal preferences and needs.  It has been noted that more than 82% of most laundry detergents are between mildly and highly hazardous (Environmental Working Group)  Some health risks that may be linked to using commercial laundry  detergent include:  asthma, other respiratory system problems, skin allergies or irritation, cancer and possible developmental or reproductive  toxicity.  It is clear that these are moderate health risks, however, it should be noted if you are raising children or are in your reproductive years this is cause for concern. I would avoid commercial brands to provide yourself and others a natural clean that you will feel comfortable with, knowing it is safe for everyone in your family.


1 cup Epsom Salt
20 drops of Young Living Essential Oils (Choose from many options such as Purification, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Jasmine, Sandalwood & many more!

Blend essential oils with the salt until they are well mixed.
Use one tablespoon of this mixture for every load of laundry.
Place in washer drum before you put your clothes in to let the mixture dissolve into water.
Run washing machine on regular cycle.

Using essential oils as laundry detergent will not only leave your clothes with a fabulous, natural fragrance, but it will also give you the most amazing deep clean. You may also want to blend your essential oils as well to create a unique blend to help with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Please comment below if you have a blend of essential oils you like to use in the wash. I welcome your feedback!
Cheers to Good Health!