Keeping our skin and face moisturized to look and feel our best is important to everyone. During the summer months we are mindful of the negative effects of sun and heat on our bodies and faces. And, in the cold, winter months we also must be mindful of protecting our skin against the harsh elements. I know first hand what it is like to have sensitive skin and to be cautious of the products I use and the lotions my teenage daughters like to buy.

Many people do not know that the one of the main ingredients of popular body and face moisturizers is mineral oil. Mineral oil may sound safe enough, but in reality… it is not.  Mineral oil is actually a derivative of petroleum. Yes, the same petroleum we use in our car engines. How can this be good for you? It’s not. The reason manufacturers use mineral oil is because it very slippery and allows lotions to be easily spread across your skin. However, mineral oil is a known carcinogen! It is also a comedogenic which means it blocks your pores and your skin’s natural respiration process. On your face, that can equate to blackheads and pimples. It also may block the absorption of any beneficial ingredients found in your face or body lotion.

So, what should you look out for and avoid in your face and body lotions? Mineral oil may also be listed as Adepsine Oil, Albolene, Lignite Oil, Liquid Parrafin/Parrafin Oil, Petrolatum or White Oil. Try to purchase body and face lotions that in BPA-free containers or better yet, purchase natural products in glass containers.

Which products to you prefer to use for body and face lotions? Please comment below. I love to hear your favorites! I am highlighting my favorites for your review. As always, I like to keep everything natural and toxin-free, so my suggestions are from Young Living.

Cheers to Good Health!

Young Living offers a wide variety of personal care products. Here are a few of our family favorites I highly recommend from a light body lotion to an ultra luxurious body butter and two facial lotions depending on your individual needs.

Young Living Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
This product is a staple in my house. My teenage girls and I use this on a regular basis. The lotion is infused with Lavender essential oil and other plant-based ingredients. It truly moisturizes and protects skin from overexposure for long-lasting hydration.

Young Living Coconut & Lime Replenishing Body Butter 
This vegan product features Lime essential oil and uses plant-based ingredients to deeply moisturize skin with a non-greasy formula. Made without paragons, petrochemicals, colorants or animal-derived ingredients, this product makes my skin feel amazing. I love the fresh and light tropical scent.

Young Living ART Intensive Moisturizer
This daily skin care facial moisturizer is derived from all natural ingredients and features five essential oils: Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Hinoki and Frankincense. Use night or day for an ultra-hydrating experience. I use this when my skin is especially dry and it goes on smoothly and I find it very effective.

Young Living ART Light Moisturizer 
This lighter based facial moisturizer is great when you don’t need as much hydration. This features two essential oils:  Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Frankincense. I like this to help my skin retain and maintain proper hydration.